AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-18Update the uncluttering XSLTHEADmasterdefanor
2019-02-18Add the "gs" command for Gopher searchdefanor
2019-02-17Fix default URIs for Gopher searchesdefanor
2018-04-23Handle XHTML filename extensions and MIME typesdefanor
2018-02-23Get rid of DeepSeqdefanor
2018-02-23Add librdf as a Debian dependencydefanor
2018-02-23Add Text.Pandoc.Readers.RDF into pancake.cabaldefanor
2018-02-23Increase version to 0.1.10defanor
2018-02-23Require redland >= 0.2 && < 0.3defanor
2018-02-23Force the triples with deepseqdefanor
2018-02-23Extract labels in English language specificallydefanor
2018-02-23Set link identifiers in RDF documents properlydefanor
2018-02-23Render RDF documents compactlydefanor
2018-02-22Tell Travis CI to install librdf-devdefanor
2018-02-22RDF: avoid an unnecessary querydefanor
2018-02-21Use Redland bindings instead of rdf4hdefanor
2018-02-08Introduce pandoc timeoutsdefanor
2018-01-23Add initial RDF supportdefanor
2018-01-15Add CiteSeerX searchdefanor
2018-01-11Set curl's user agent to pancake by defaultdefanor
2018-01-09Leave empty lines around block quotationsdefanor
2018-01-01Update copyright yearsdefanor
2017-12-31Open links in a new session on C-u RETdefanor
2017-12-31Adjust a docstringdefanor
2017-12-30Show target URIs on pancake-{next, previous}-buttondefanor
2017-12-30Increase version to 0.1.9defanor
2017-12-28Install and enable a few uncluttering XSLTs by defaultdefanor
2017-12-28Compress binaries with xzdefanor
2017-12-28Test with GHC 8.2.2defanor
2017-12-28Lint Pancake.hsdefanor
2017-12-28Update the man pagedefanor
2017-12-27Handle absolute ddg-encumbered linksdefanor
2017-12-27Add URI-based input completiondefanor
2017-12-26Put pancake-uri-at-point URIs into the kill ringdefanor
2017-12-26Use relative #fragment links in Emacsdefanor
2017-12-26Use Haskelinedefanor
2017-12-26Add the 'Pancake' type aliasdefanor
2017-12-25Add `pancake-uri-at-point'defanor
2017-12-25Provide absolute URIs for pancake.eldefanor
2017-12-24Fix a typodefanor
2017-12-24Open URLs in new session if one is createddefanor
2017-12-22Add 'renderInlines', remove 'inlines'defanor
2017-12-22Split inline elements into lines in readInlinesdefanor
2017-12-22Revert "Handle newlines in storeLines"defanor
2017-12-22Handle newlines in storeLinesdefanor
2017-12-22Extend noWrap prevention to listing sub-elementsdefanor
2017-12-22Partially delegate line wrapping to Emacsdefanor
2017-12-22Refine documentation annotations and function namesdefanor
2017-12-22Use a list of elements instead of enumerationdefanor
2017-12-22Use enumeration instead of breadcrumbs for position trackingdefanor