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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-17Fix default URIs for Gopher searchesdefanor
2018-02-08Introduce pandoc timeoutsdefanor
2018-01-15Add CiteSeerX searchdefanor
2018-01-11Set curl's user agent to pancake by defaultdefanor
2018-01-01Update copyright yearsdefanor
2017-12-28Install and enable a few uncluttering XSLTs by defaultdefanor
2017-12-22Refine documentation annotations and function namesdefanor
2017-12-19Enable a user to specify a configuration filedefanor
2017-12-13Add uncluttering/XSLT supportdefanor
2017-12-11Improve code style in a couple of placesdefanor
2017-12-06Add a shortcut into the default configurationdefanor
2017-12-06Run curl with --compressed by defaultdefanor
2017-11-28Prepend license notices to source filesdefanor
2017-11-24Make div indentation optionaldefanor
2017-11-23Allow user-defined digits and radices for reference numberingdefanor
2017-11-08Add search and xspf/m3u handlingdefanor
2017-11-05Add Project Gutenberg search shortcut into the default configurationdefanor
2017-11-05Read metadatadefanor
2017-11-05Split into modulesdefanor