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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-23Get rid of DeepSeqdefanor
2018-02-23Add Text.Pandoc.Readers.RDF into pancake.cabaldefanor
2018-02-23Increase version to 0.1.10defanor
2018-02-23Require redland >= 0.2 && < 0.3defanor
2018-02-23Force the triples with deepseqdefanor
2018-02-21Use Redland bindings instead of rdf4hdefanor
2018-01-23Add initial RDF supportdefanor
2017-12-30Increase version to 0.1.9defanor
2017-12-28Install and enable a few uncluttering XSLTs by defaultdefanor
2017-12-28Test with GHC 8.2.2defanor
2017-12-26Use Haskelinedefanor
2017-12-19Increase version to 0.1.8defanor
2017-12-13Add uncluttering/XSLT supportdefanor
2017-12-09Increase version to 0.1.7defanor
2017-11-28Remove utf8-string dependencydefanor
2017-11-28Increase version to 0.1.6defanor
2017-11-24Update README and convert it into reStructuredTextdefanor
2017-11-20Increase version to 0.1.5defanor
2017-11-20Prepare for binary releasesdefanor
2017-11-20Create man directory if it doesn't existdefanor
2017-11-19Use Travis CIdefanor
2017-11-19Add Pancake.Command and Paths_pancake into pancake.cabaldefanor
2017-11-16Handle SIGINT during getLinedefanor
2017-11-13Add a man pagedefanor
2017-11-12Increase version to 0.1.4defanor
2017-11-06Increase version to 0.1.3defanor
2017-11-05Split into modulesdefanor
2017-11-03Increase version to 0.1.2defanor
2017-11-01Use terminfo instead of colorful-monoidsdefanor
2017-10-31Update to pandoc 2defanor
2017-10-31Change version numbers, update ChangeLogdefanor
2017-10-28Add description and source-repository into .cabaldefanor
2017-10-28Add pancake.el, an emacs interfacedefanor
2017-10-26Initial commitdefanor