BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterGet rid of DeepSeqdefanor31 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
31 hoursGet rid of DeepSeqHEADmasterdefanor2-5/+2
33 hoursAdd librdf as a Debian dependencydefanor1-1/+1
33 hoursAdd Text.Pandoc.Readers.RDF into pancake.cabaldefanor1-0/+1
34 hoursIncrease version to 0.1.10defanor4-3/+13
34 hoursRequire redland >= 0.2 && < 0.3defanor1-1/+1
36 hoursForce the triples with deepseqdefanor2-3/+7
39 hoursExtract labels in English language specificallydefanor1-6/+22
40 hoursSet link identifiers in RDF documents properlydefanor1-6/+13
41 hoursRender RDF documents compactlydefanor1-30/+50
3 daysTell Travis CI to install librdf-devdefanor1-0/+4