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* Add the "gs" command for Gopher searchdefanor2019-02-181-0/+12
* Update copyright yearsdefanor2018-01-011-1/+1
* Retain position on redisplay, reload, etcdefanor2017-12-211-0/+8
* Enable a user to specify a configuration filedefanor2017-12-191-3/+9
* Add the "redisplay" commanddefanor2017-12-151-0/+2
* Add the "set width" commanddefanor2017-12-141-0/+12
* Use [ and ] instead of b and f for history navigationdefanor2017-11-281-3/+3
* Introduce initial image supportdefanor2017-11-281-6/+6
* Prepend license notices to source filesdefanor2017-11-281-0/+17
* Add file savingdefanor2017-11-261-18/+59
* Allow user-defined digits and radices for reference numberingdefanor2017-11-231-6/+15
* Handle SIGINT during getLinedefanor2017-11-161-0/+1
* Fix shortcut command parsingdefanor2017-11-111-2/+1
* Read metadatadefanor2017-11-051-1/+2
* Allow to set document types explicitlydefanor2017-11-051-3/+5
* Use Parsec for command parsingdefanor2017-11-051-0/+86