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+# pg×html
+This is a tool to make custom web interfaces to PostgreSQL databases,
+using simple and standard technologies:
+- SQL for querying
+- XSLT for templating (translation of XML query results into XHTML)
+- HTML forms for user input
+- Optional HTTP basic authentication for PostgreSQL authentication
+URL query parameters are available for use from XSLTs. SQL query
+templates also can use those, as well as HTML form data submitted with
+the POST method.
+Request timeouts are enforced and do cancel DB queries, but otherwise
+it relies on PostgreSQL for access permissions and security policies,
+as well as for any business logic that may be needed.
+It is based on WAI, and can be used with CGI, socket activation, Unix
+domain sockets, or as a standalone HTTP server.
+## Usage
+### Invocation
+See [wai-cli]( for CLI
+arguments. The used environment variables are:
+- `TIMEOUT`: request timeout in seconds, 10 by default.
+- `XSLT_DIR`: a directory to read XSLT files from, current working
+ directory by default.
+Regular [libpq environment
+are used for database connections.
+### Templating
+URL query parameters are made visible to XSLTs as `xsl:param`
+parameters. The documents they get applied to are either the results
+of SQL queries (which are expected to return a single XML document,
+using `query_to_xml` or similar functions), or error documents (which
+contain error details) in case of an SQL error.
+The XSLTs are taken from `XSLT_DIR`, using file name from the URL
+query, with its extension changed to `xsl`.
+### Querying
+SQL queries provided in the `q` URL query parameter get executed, with
+some substitutions to handle HTML forms:
+- `f:<name>` for POST parameters
+- `q:<name>` for GET parameters
+- `:fields` for POST parameter names
+- `:values` for POST parameter values (in the same order as the names)
+`:fields` and `:values` are unnecessary, but are provided for
+convenience of insert/upsert operations.
+SQL queries get tokenized by splitting into words and reassembled
+afterwards, hence some whitespace separation is needed.
+### Authentication
+Presence of `authorised` in the URL path requires HTTP basic
+authentication, and the provided credentials are used directly for
+PostgreSQL authentication.
+### Web server
+This is intended to be used with an HTTP server, which would take care
+of encryption, compression, static files, redirects, and so on, while
+pgxhtml only focuses on providing a web interface to a database.
+## See also
+[PostgREST](, "a standalone web server that
+turns your PostgreSQL database directly into a RESTful API".