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2019-03-31Handle `auth=fail`HEADmasterdefanor
Ignore credentials provided by a user, serve documents with status code 401.
2019-03-30Handle `auth=try`defanor
Serve pages with status code 401 if `auth` is set to `try`, but credentials are not present.
2019-02-20Allow requests without queriesdefanor
Apply a stylesheet to <pgx:no_query /> in that case. This is slightly out of the project scope, but handy in some cases (helps to avoid dummy queries or additional software), and done with a single line change.
2019-02-16Use credentials whenever they are provideddefanor
Not necessarily with auth=on.
2019-02-16Request credentials on password-related failuresdefanor
2019-02-16Handle DB connection failuresdefanor
Provide an error message on those. Also add an error message from libpq when it's available.
2019-02-09Handle media-typedefanor
Defaulting to application/xhtml+xml, but the xsl:output media-type attribute can now be set to change that.