AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-04Add a DOAP fileHEADmasterdefanor
2022-01-10Add a basic testdefanor
2022-01-10Check in rexmpp_tcp_connected whether DNS records are resolveddefanor
2021-12-28Fix integer overflow on stanzas_out_acknowledged > stanzas_out_countdefanor
2021-12-25Handle MUC private messages in xmpp.eldefanor
2021-10-23Add xmpp-restart into xmpp.eldefanor
2021-10-13Implement Jingle RTP sessions with ICE-UDP and DTLS-SRTPdefanor
2021-10-03Return REXMPP_E_AGAIN upon scheduling a reconnectdefanor
2021-10-03Fix IPv6 address handlingdefanor
2021-10-03Free rexmpp_dns_query_cb_data structuresdefanor
2021-10-02Make libgsasl optionaldefanor
2021-10-02Use a custom base64 implementationdefanor
2021-10-02Use libgcrypt for hashing and randomdefanor
2021-10-02Add a couple of HAVE_CURL checksdefanor
2021-10-01Use sha-256 and sha3-256 for file transfersdefanor
2021-10-01Add Jingle file transfer over IBBdefanor
2021-09-28Add request identifiers into the xmpp.el's XML interfacedefanor
2021-09-26Add emacs/READMEdefanor
2021-09-26Add xmpp-http-upload into xmpp.eldefanor
2021-09-25Implement XEP-0363: HTTP File Uploaddefanor
2021-09-25Add recursive feature search (rexmpp_disco_find_feature)defanor
2021-09-25Introduce IQ cachingdefanor
2021-09-24Pass user-provided pointers to <iq> callback functionsdefanor
2021-09-23Handle XEP-0092: Software Versiondefanor
2021-09-22Fix a few GCC warningsdefanor
2021-09-22Update doxygen docsdefanor
2021-09-22Reintroduce c-ares as an option for DNS lookupsdefanor
2021-09-21Make libunbound optionaldefanor
2021-09-21Make DNSSEC trust anchor file configurabledefanor
2021-09-20Update README, comments, help stringsdefanor
2021-09-20Restore client certificate (SASL EXTERNAL) authenticationdefanor
2021-09-19Make GPGME optionaldefanor
2021-09-19Fix the client name in discovery infodefanor
2021-09-19Allow to build without ICU (and JID checks)defanor
2021-09-19Introduce OpenSSL and no-TLS options, in addition to GnuTLSdefanor
2021-09-17Add initial xmlns handling into xmpp.eldefanor
2021-09-17Handle <delay/> elements in xmpp.eldefanor
2021-09-17Handle message carbons in xmpp.eldefanor
2021-09-17Specify :port "xmpp" for auth-source-searchdefanor
2021-09-17Don't accept empty input in xmpp.eldefanor
2021-09-16Print full presence string in xmpp.el's MUC buffersdefanor
2021-09-16Fix xmpp.el's prompt mark tracking on buffer truncationdefanor
2021-09-16Only check non-list variables in xmpp-kill-buffersdefanor
2021-09-16Add an input prompt into xmpp.eldefanor
2021-09-12Use auth-source in xmpp.eldefanor
2021-09-11Add initial xmpp.el facesdefanor
2021-09-07Improve xmpp.el presence and message notificationsdefanor
2021-09-04Print names and shorter timestamps in xmpp.eldefanor
2021-08-29Update to Debian 11 versions of dependenciesdefanor
2021-05-14Add timestamps into xmpp.el message buffersdefanor