5x15-keyboardA keyboarddefanor5 weeks
coalpitCommand-line options parsing and printingdefanor23 months
defanor-dotfilesdefanor's dotfilesdefanor3 years
homepageAuthoring tools for my homepagedefanor7 weeks
html-wysiwygA minor mode for partial WYSIWYG editing of HTMLdefanor3 years
pancakeA CLI/Emacs web/gopher/file browserdefanor21 months
pgxhtmlXSLT-based PostgreSQL web interfacedefanor23 months
redlandRedland RDF library Haskell bindingsdefanor3 years
rexmppA reusable XMPP librarydefanor14 hours
tlsdA TLS super-serverdefanor3 years
wwwliteA lightweight web browserdefanor14 months