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2019-03-31Handle `auth=fail`HEADmasterdefanor
Ignore credentials provided by a user, serve documents with status code 401.
2019-03-30Handle `auth=try`defanor
Serve pages with status code 401 if `auth` is set to `try`, but credentials are not present.
2019-03-02Fix a typodefanor
2019-02-16Fix the wording in README.mddefanor
2019-02-16Request credentials on password-related failuresdefanor
2019-02-13Update the "Querying" sectiondefanor
2019-02-11Update READMEsdefanor
- Use XSLT_DIR instead of FCGI_CHDIR in the nginx configuration example, since FCGI_CHDIR is not always available. - Link the "dynamic websites" note as additional documentation.
2019-02-05Use plain CGIdefanor
This eliminates the last of large Haskell dependencies. The multipart enctype is not supported now.
2019-02-03Replace wai-cli with wai-handler-fastcgidefanor
Another step towards making pgxhtml more lightweight, dependencies-wise.
2019-01-13Handle FormatError and QueryErrordefanor
In addition to SqlError. ResultError handling should be added as well, and perhaps the resulting XML should be refined.
2019-01-09Update READMEdefanor
Add a security checklist, link automatic-api.
2018-12-30Initial commitdefanor
The initial working version, an example, and brief description are included. Error handling and reporting, perhaps HTTP headers, CLI arguments, and documentation can still be improved, but that's for future commits.